Psychotherapy enables you to respond with greater ease and confidence to life and all that it presents.

Common Themes

Common themes that initiate the work or emerge as it progresses are:

  • Anger
  • Conflict
  • Control
  • Depression
  • Inertia
  • Recklessness
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-sabotage
  • Stress

I am experienced in working with people who seek to address: difficulties with eating, performance anxiety, rape, childhood sexual abuse, self-harm, bullying, difficulties in relationships.

Advantages of working with a psychotherapist

  • You get time and space to reflect with my full and complete attention
  • You find perspective, clarity and confidence
  • The regularity and routine provide a safe haven for working on what can sometimes be difficult issues

For a short description of how psychotherapy differs from coaching, please click here.

What to Expect

A quiet space to pause and think about your life: what’s going on for you, what’s working and what might be getting in the way. I’ll be interested in how you come to be where you are in life and how you live now. Sometimes we’ll have lively conversation, sometimes I’ll simply listen. The regularity and routine of our meetings will provide a safe haven for you to think deeply about whatever emerges, to see clearly and to choose what next.

Getting Started

We will have an initial meeting to discuss your needs. You can choose a time-limited or an open-ended approach. A time limited approach can be 6, 12 or 16 sessions. If we decide to work together, we will:

  • Agree the approach: time-limited or open-ended
  • Agree your appointment times
  • Your first appointment will normally be within three weeks of that initial meeting