“I found the session really helpful. To have that time to focus on me, uninterrupted, was a great release. Some things have dropped in to place and it has invigorated my next steps.”

“It is a lovely idea to meet one to one in your home, I felt immediately relaxed, and that certainly helped me voice my problems and uncertainties. It was like discussing issues with a trusted friend.”

A Professional Retreat

What if you had the luxury of uninterrupted time dedicated to addressing an opportunity or challenge in professional life? For example:

  • enhancing professional profile
  • enriching a role
  • preparing for a new role
  • planning and preparing for a specific commitment or engagement
  • resolving a knotty problem

A typical working week doesn’t always make it easy to find this time, especially at senior levels.

This one-day retreat offers an alternative to a longer-term coaching project. It gives the opportunity to:

  • pause for a few hours
  • give your full attention to what’s important
  • find an approach that works for you

“The course of the day allowed me not just to express my confusion over where to go next with my career and business aspirations, but helped me see how I might, through some fairly easy steps, begin to see my way forward.”

What to expect:

  • to get to the core of what’s going on now
  • focused thinking time
  • supportive challenge and feedback
  • to explore how to proceed

How it works:

The entire process is designed to be relaxed and informal, to enable you to loosen your thinking and to foster clarity. It is underpinned by confidentiality. My aim is to offer seclusion, not isolation in a quiet, relaxed environment.


A typical timetable:

– Arrival and Refreshments

– Objective setting
– Coaching session 1
– Lunch

– Coaching session 2
– Planning and review
– Refreshments and Close

     One Day Retreat:

  • 11am-4pm (Individual)
  • 9.30am-4.30pm (Team)


     3 Day Retreat:

  • 3 days over 6 weeks
  • 11am-4pm (Individual)
  • 9.30am-4.30pm (Team)


Lunch and refreshments included