“[We] had not had cause to use mediation before and both cases involved extremely sensitive issues… Jane’s strength was not only in her direct dealings with four people involved but also in her ability to explain and guide [us] through the process.” Instructing employer in two workplace mediations

“…..flexible but firm in approach … with excellent people skills….”

I am a firm believer in the benefits of mediation in resolving all manner of disputes, no matter what stage they have reached.  Mediation presents everyone involved with the opportunity to concentrate fully on constructing a range of pragmatic, realistic potential solutions to a dispute. Options explored during mediation may surprise. Negotiations during mediation are commonly robust. The greatest strengths of the process, in my view, are:

  • the confidentiality that surrounds it
  • the full attention of a neutral mediator
  • the responsibility and control that it gives to the parties over what happens next.

The Outcome

Most mediations settle, if not on the day then within a short time afterwards. An agreement reached in mediation will be crafted to:

  • address all elements of concern to all the parties
  • be the better option
  • provide certainty.

What I Do


I mediate in a wide range of commercial matters from multi-million pound claims to claims of low financial yet high personal value to the parties.


I mediate in workplace disputes where no cash claim exists but where conflict between individuals has resulted in declining productivity, efficiency or profitability and made working life difficult, sometimes intolerable.

Some examples of my experience:

  • Payment of debt
  • Defamation
  • Division of property
  • Bankruptcy of businesses
  • Quality of professional advice
  • Business partnerships
  • Treatment of people at work
  • Change to and development of jobs and roles